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Company Outline

CFL is a world-class MSC certified Toothfish fishing company established in 1994.

As one of the largest fishing companies in the Falkland Islands, CFL is a driver for development within the industry, a powerhouse for the local economy, and an active and supportive member of the community, offering donations and sponsorships to a wide range of local causes.

Commitment to research and innovation has been instrumental for CFL:

  • Endorsing the use of umbrella longlines
  • Implementing seabird mortality mitigation measures
  • Reducing by-catch
  • Protecting vulnerable marine ecosystems
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Ensuring sustainable fishing practices
  • Training programmes for the crew
  • Ensuring the welfare of our crew
Dedicated not only to ensuring excellence within its chosen field, but to supporting the needs of the local industry and community too.
Hard at Work

Meet the Team

We have a very dedicated team of people who work closely with local and overseas industry leaders as well as helping to develop safer and more responsible methods of fishing.

Shore Staff

Janet Robertson

General Manager

Janet began her career at CFL in 1994, undertaking several roles until her appointment as the newly-created role of Sales & Marketing Manager in 2004. For her invaluable dedication to the company for the past 20 years, Janet was promoted to General Manager in 2018 but still retains the Sales and Marketing Portfolio to help sustain the network of buyers and traders with whom CFL has built a relationship of mutual trust over the years.
Jamie Simpson

Vessel Superintendent

As Vessel Superintendent, a role which he has held since 2014, Jamie is responsible for the continued maintenance and care of the CFL Hunter. Working closely with Nodosa Shipyard in Vigo, Spain, Jamie was instrumental in the construction of the CFL Hunter, the first fishing vessel to be 100% funded by Falkland Islands capital. He has over 20 years of experience in marine engineering and worked as Chief Engineer on the Patrol Vessel Pharos prior to joining the CFL team. After spending so many years as an engineer at sea, Jamie says he enjoys being able to continue to work on shore with the small, but dynamic CFL team.
Ross Peters

Procurement Manager

Ross joined the company in 2018 in the newly created role of Procurement Manager to manage company purchases, stock control, insurance and CFL’s properties, coming from a similar role at Sure Ltd as Stores Controller & Procurement Officer. For Ross, the move to CFL was a new and exciting challenge collaborating with the small team onshore, crew onboard the vessel as well as agents and suppliers. Since he joined, Ross has thrown himself into his work and committed to his personal development such as taking weekly Spanish lessons, while still finding time to volunteer as a retained firefighter for the local fire service.
Gary McGill

Vessel Operations Coordinator

CFL’s Vessel Operations Co-Ordinator, Gary is responsible for assisting the CFL Hunter when it is in port, keeping it supplied with whatever it needs, and managing company stores at the warehouse and cold store. He joined the company in 2015 after working as an operator driver for Neil McKay Ltd but has found the new challenge of managing the warehouse over the past five years particularly interesting. For Gary, CFL’s strong commitment to protecting the sustainability of their fishery has been a key driver for his dedication as well as the independent yet collaborative working culture.
Marty Pole-Evans

Marine Workshop Manager

Marty Pole-Evans joined the Company in February 2020. As Workshop General Manager he has overall responsibility for the operation of the Marine Engineering Workshop and provides engineering services for CFL and other companies.
Sharon Jaffray

Office and PR Administrator

Sharon Jaffray is the Office and Public Relations Administrator since March 2021. She looks after crew and staff payroll and provides administrative support to other staff. Sharon’s role includes implementing public relations strategy, social media presence, events and managing the company’s charitable donations.
Patricio (Pato) Garces

Crew and Vessel Admin Manager

Patricio Garces is the newest addition to the team taking on the role of Crew and Vessel Admin Manager in July 2021. Pato has responsibility for crewing arrangements ensures the CFL Hunter is managed in accordance with flag state, Fisheries Department and factory vessel regulatory requirements.
Trish Jamieson


Trish joined the CFL team as Accountant in April 2023. She has a wide range of experience in the private sector industries, including banking, ship management and most recently telecommunications. Mother of two daughters, she enjoys the freedom that life in the Falklands brings. Growing up on West Falkland made for an idealistic childhood and installed a passion for giving back to the Falklands. CFL’s local ownership and community support is a source of pride for Trish. She is also a stickler for process improvements and has great patience with her colleagues as she works towards complete digitalisation of office processes!

At Sea

Candido H Sanchez-Lema

Vessel Captain

With 36 years’ experience in the fishing industry, Candido has worked in Spain, England, South Africa, Argentina, the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, but came to Falklands water in 2004 when CFL purchased its flagship vessel, the CFL Gambler, on the recommendation of his brother, Chema. As one of our captains for the CFL Hunter, Candido’s role is fundamental to the work that we do. In addition to navigating the vessel, a captain is responsible for organising and carrying out fishing and conservation operations, provisioning the vessel and preparing it for deployment, and organising and managing the ship’s security, fire-fighting and emergency procedures.
Fernando Garcia Portas

Vessel Captain

Fernando took command of the CFL Hunter in January 2022 after three years as Reserve Captain/First Officer. Fernando has been responsible for the efficient organisation of personnel, watch-keeping duties, and documentation, all to ensure optimal safety for the crew on board. With 30 years’ experience in the role, Fernando loves the satisfaction that comes with a smooth and successful operation and says he enjoys working for a company that truly makes him feel valued for the important work that he does.
Carlos Tenorio Boubeta

Carlos Tenorio Boubeta First Officer

First Officer Carlos Tenorio Boubeta (57) has been fishing in Falklands waters since 2000. He joined the CFL Hunter in 2018 and says he is “happy and proud to sail on a ship where the crew and the environment are respected” and hopes to remain with this “incredible company” for the rest of his professional life.

Board of Directors

The direction and oversight of CFL is in the hands of a Board of Directors which is generally representative of the shareholders of the company.  

James Wallace
Cheryl Roberts
Vice Chair
George Betts
Jan Cheek
Paul Freer
John Pollard
Mhari Ashworth

In the early days of working for CFL it was pioneering work because no one really knew the ins-and-outs of mobilizing and crewing a fishing vessel, or establishing a presence on the market, or really anything directly relevant to our core business. So, the work was exciting, varied and challenging as we gradually learnt as a team how to put our product and our company on the highest threshold both of our market and the local community in which we operate. I’m proud of what has been achieved by this company for the stature of the Falkland Islands and I’ve loved the teamwork that got us there.

Janet Robertson
General Manager