Follow the chain
With rising concerns worldwide about the sustainability of the ocean’s resources, more and more people would like to know more about the fish on their plate.

As part of our MSC Certification CFL also signed up to initiating a Chain of Custody process for Falklands’ toothfish and any of our customers – and their customers – who sign up to the Chain of Custody, will not only buy and sell the fish but also hand on provenance information for it too.  If the chain is broken, the fish loses its MSC certified status, but if it doesn’t the end consumer can demand extremely precise information about the fish on their plate.

Where was it fished?
When was it fished?
Who fished it?
How did they fish it?
We encourage people to request this information, especially if they are unsure about the conservation status of what they are eating.

It is consumer demand that will be the most effective at persuading all the links in the chain to sign up for Chain of Custody certification, and to urge fisheries to meet sustainable standards.