Commercial Developments

As a local Falkland Island business, we are dedicated to supporting the local community and investing in commercial developments that benefit the Islands’ economy.

South American Atlantic Services

South American Atlantic Services (known locally as SAAS) was set up in 2005 by CFL to provide a much-needed container link between the Falkland Islands and South American ports.

Using the vessel, the MV Scout, the service links local companies into the worldwide distribution network, providing Falkland Island industries with the shipping flexibility required to develop and expand their businesses. Since 2010 CFL has welcomed new partners in the operation which has allowed the company to expand its range of services to the customers.

Today, SAAS remains the only independent Falkland Islands company that offers a fixed day sailing schedule to and from Stanley, linking cargo to the UK and almost every other global port.


Commercial Diving Services

Commercial Diving Services provides high quality, innovative services for the maritime industries in the Falkland Islands, while maintaining the highest health and safety standards for diving.

Owned by Consolidated Fisheries Ltd with a contractual agreement with the Shallow Marine Survey Group Ltd (SMSG), there are effectively two types of diving operation which can take place to effect repairs and surveys when required:

  • If the work requires video or ROV survey or a light repair then it is carried out by local SMSG divers who have 20 years of experience diving in the Falklands meeting the growing needs of science, industry, and public sectors.

  • If the task is more complex and requires specialists survey or engineering, then the work is carried out by a commercial diving company ARB based in Punta Arenas, who have an operational agreement to provide such services to CFL/SMSG.

ARB has experience in underwater hardware repairs, and maintenance of submarine infrastructure, including welding for industry, military and government operators. The company also has experience in providing support services to oil platforms and in raising wrecks.  Their operational sphere is centred in the Magallanes region but extends as far as the Antarctic peninsula. 


Local service

Marine Workshop

With limited workshop facilities locally to prepare, mend and fabricate spare parts and materials, we decided to create a facility which would not only provide those services to the local community, but also provide a facility for developing those specialist skills within the Falkland Islands.