CFL Hunter

First Launch
In February 2017, CFL launched its new longliner, the CFL Hunter in Marin, Spain. Later in the year it replaced the CFL Gambler which had been the company’s flagship vessel since March 2004.

The construction of the Hunter, built by Nodosa Shipyard, marked a major milestone in the history of CFL and the Falkland Islands as the CFL Hunter is the first vessel ever built solely with Falkland Islands’ capital.

The vessel is also unique for its operating systems, which not only enhance the CFL Hunter’s fishing capability but also mitigate environmental impacts, making it one of the most ecologically beneficial vessels operating in Falklands waters.


With the CFL Hunter we have moved to CO refrigeration, a system that not only retains the high quality of the product through its fast freezing capabilities, but is also a more environmentally friendly option.


The vessel has diesel-electrical propulsion, meaning that the vessel can function with the minimum of power requirements required in all situations. This both saves fuel and increases the energy efficiency of our vessel.


Special attention was paid to avoid both noise and vibrations in the accommodation and working areas as much as possible. The very low acoustic signature of the vessel provides a high level of comfort to the crew and makes it less attractive to natural predators such as orcas.


The CFL Hunter has the capacity to retain 100% of its fishing discards, with one tank that can fit the discards for an entire line, and one that can retain the discards for an entire trip. This means that the vessel doesn’t have to discharge while out at sea, further reducing the vessel’s operational footprint.