CFL Hunter Vaccinations

August 27, 2021

We are extremely grateful to FIG and KEMH for arranging enough doses of the Covid-19 vaccination to treat local fishing crews, which means that now all our crew have received at least one dose of the vaccination. It has been a testing time through the entire pandemic especially trying to get crew, anxious about their families, home to distant and often locked-down countries.

With Peruvians, Indonesians, Chileans and Spanish on board it has been a challenge and the number of quarantines in hotels in foreign ports they have all had to endure would be frustrating for anyone. Throughout it all, and guided by our excellent Captain’s, Chema and Candido, they have coped extremely well and we are very grateful to them all for getting on with the job despite how difficult it has been for them at times.

Eko vaccination.
Crew getting their vaccinations at the Lighthouse Seafarers Centre.
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