CFL Charitable Trust latest activity

The CFL Charitable Trust is again accepting applications for educational and training awards for 2023. The principal aim of the Trust is to further the education and training of the people of the Falkland Islands, and to provide emergency relief to people who are suffering as a result of disaster anywhere in the world, but […]

Brendon completes Toothfish PhD

Brendon Lee has recently completed his PhD and CFL is proud to have been a part of his journey which brings an enhanced understanding of the stock structure of Patagonian toothfish. He said he was extremely thankful for the collaborative and financial support for this research received from Consolidated Fisheries Ltd; “including their coverage of […]

Footage From The Deep

Dr. Tabitha Pearman is currently working at SAERI on a CFL funded project to map benthic species in Falklands’ waters and to assess the impact longlining activity has on the sea floor. This is a two-year project building on early assessment of vulnerable benthic habitats undertaken by Dr. Paul Brewin in support of our last […]