Consolidated Fisheries Ltd

Premium Toothfish from the South Atlantic seas

Consolidated Fisheries Ltd is a fishing company based in Stanley, Falkland Islands.

It is fully owned within the Islands, and has been active in the toothfish industry since 1994.

Consolidated Fisheries Ltd

Our Ethos

CFL’s reputation is closely bound with our working culture, the welfare of our crew, the satisfaction of our customers and the organisations we work with. We strive to apply best practices in everything we do and act responsibly within our natural and cultural environment.

To deliver world-class sustainable toothfish to our customers and uphold the effective guardianship of our fishery for the sake of future generations.


To continue to produce a high-quality product in the decades to come. We will safeguard the long-term sustainability of our fishery through investment and leadership in research and technologies to protect the environment. We will ensure that excellent management of our activities adds value for our shareholders, customers and the community of the Falkland Islands.

Dissostichus eleginoides

Patagonian Toothfish

Patagonian Toothfish is one of the tastiest fish available on the market, well-known for its firm white flesh, even texture and the abundance of Omega-3 oils in the meat. It is sold under the trade name of Chilean Seabass in the USA, Bacalao in Chile and Mero in Japan.

Falkland Islands

South Atlantic Waters

Falkland Island waters in this area are deep with fast moving cold currents. Lines are often set to about 1700 metres and can be displaced by several miles over several hours. Southerly currents often bring small icebergs up from the outer reaches of Antarctica making fishing conditions relatively difficult.