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Fishing Systems

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Illustration of 3 typical longlining systems: (A) Traditional Spanish double-line system, (B) Autoline system, (C) Umbrella system

The CFL Gambler is a traditional Spanish longliner adapted to employ the umbrella system of longlining. Umbrellas were devised by Chilean fisherman in recent years to combat depredation of the fish on the line by whales, principally sperm whales and killer whales.

The umbrella system has had the added benefit of strengthening already effective seabird mortality mitigation measures. The umbrella, a bell shaped net which drapes over a cluster of hooks, prevents the birds from accessing and getting caught on hooks during setting and hauling operations

Due to the very strong currents in Falkand Islands waters, autolining has not proved an effective fishing method.

Landing a fish
Hooking the line