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Fishing Area

The Falkland Islands fishing area consists of the Inner and Outer Conservation Zones (FICZ and FOCZ). CFL vessels are licensed to operate within the whole area in depths greater than 600 metres.  In addition, a section on the north end of the Burdwood Bank is closed during the winter spawning period (July and August).  To view a map of the licensed area, click here

The FOCZ 1700 metres in depth. Southerly currents often bring small icebergs up from the outer reaches of Antarctica making fishing conditions relatively difficult. A variety of whales - including sperm and killer whales – and flocks of albatross, petrels and terns surround the vessels throughout the year necessitating close attention to environmentally friendly fishing practices.

albatross and gambler
Paul Sutherlund

Paul Sutherlund
gaffing and whales