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Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability of the Fishery

In 2007 a system of Individual Transferable Quota was introduced by the Falkland Islands Government. Under the ITQ system, companies can own their quota for up to 25 years and replaced the old annual or 5-yearly licensing system. This sea-change in approach to fisheries management provided quota-holders with a real incentive to co-operate closely with the Fisheries Department to ensure long-term sustainability of the fisheries resource.

The attraction of long-term ownership of the resource gave CFL the impetus and justification to proceed with funding MSC Certification of the toothfish fishery. With the full co-operation of the Fisheries Department, certification of the fishery was achieved in March 2014. To see the full MSC report on the fishery, click here

stock scientist whale fin Sigma

Stock assessment: CFL has recently funded the post of stock assessment scientist whose principle task is to carry out an exhaustive stock assessment of toothfish in the zone. The scientist works closely with other staff from the Fisheries Department to fully understand the patterns of recruitment of juveniles into the fishery, to identify breeding grounds and to assess the health of the stock distribution.