Consolidated Fisheries Ltd
P.O. Box 383, Raymar House
Lookout Industrial Estate
Stanley, Falkland Islands
Tel: +500 22277

Our Corporate Profile


CFL was set up in 1994 as a consortium of local fishing companies to carry out exploratory fishing in the nascent toothfish fishery. The Falkland Islands Fisheries Department considered that the fishery represented a prime opportunity for local fishing businesses to pool resources to establish the very first locally owned, managed and operated fishing company. Following the experiment FIFD established a 2 vessel fishery and awarded both licences to Consolidated Fisheries Ltd.

In 2007, an Individual Transferable Quota system was introduced and CFL were awarded the full quota for the toothfish fishery in the Islands for 25 years.  Quota was set at 1,200 mt and CFL has been able to target this quota with a single vessel.

CFL is now one of the largest fishing companies in the Falkland Islands and contributes significantly to the local economy through both its fishing and non-fishing activities.

Hooking the line
Paul Sutherlund
Patagonian Toothfish - Chilean Sea Bass

Initially CFL chartered vessels, but in 1997 it purchased the CFL Pioneer. This was followed in 2000 with the purchase of the CFL Valiant.

Having sold the CFL Pioneer in 2004, the company purchased the CFL Gambler and by doing so removed another vessel out of the illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fleet. See COLTO's website...

CFL’s main product is Patagonian Toothfish, which it principally sells to the international market in HGT (Headed/Gutted/Tailed) Form.  It also produces toothfish portions, toothfish cheeks and grenadier fillets for the local market.